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California DUI Lawyer - Rick Mueller

The San Diego County DUI Law Center provides complete information on California drunk driving, for those accused of a DUI, and in need of an experienced DUI / DWI Attorney.

This resource center provides a comprehensive database with information on what you need to know about the California DUI Court, the San Diego DMV, and how to save your license after a DUI arrest.

Rick Mueller, known as the San Diego California DUI - DMV Guru, is a Top-Rated San Diego, California DUI Lawyer who specializes in Drunk Driving, DUI / DWI & DMV Defense, and has been practicing law since 1983. Rick dedicates 100% of his law practice to aggressively defending those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. As a California DUI Defense Attorney, he has successfully saved the driving privileges of many clients.

Your San Diego DMV attorney has ONLY 10 CALENDAR DAYS after your DUI arrest to contact San Diego's DMV Licensing Operations Division for a DMV hearing to avoid suspension of your driving privileges.

To receive the best DUI / DWI defense in California - Complete the Free San Diego California DUI / Drunk Driving Defense Evaluation to find out your best strategy and to protect your driving privilege in California.

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