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I am attorney Rick Mueller, President of the San Diego County DUI Law Center. I exclusively handle only DUI and DMV Defense cases in San Diego County.


Welcome to my comprehensive San Diego California DUI website. Since 1983, I successfully built a highly respected DUI & DMV Defense reputation. As a California DUI Lawyers Association Specialist, I treat every case as if it were my own case. I am dedicated to vigorously protecting and aggressively defending people accused of DUI and facing a Department of Motor Vehicles' action.

In providing superior DUI & DMV Defense services, I enjoy a reputation of excellent legal reputation. I am known as a California DUI - DMV Guru in San Diego. I offer this simple 2-Step process:

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Please begin here - complete this Free San Diego California DUI Defense Evaluation to immediately get on the right track, to save your driver's license and to receive detailed Start-to-Finish information from attorney Rick Mueller about your case and California DUI & DMV Law.

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As your San Diego DMV lawyer, I have ONLY 10 CALENDAR DAYS after your California DUI arrest to request from San Diego DMV a hearing to not suspend your driving privilege.

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You can also reach me, San Diego DUI lawyer Rick Mueller, on my cell phone at (619) 218-2997. I am the most accessible DUI & DMV attorney in California.


"Rick Mueller is the best DUI Attorney around!!" - Jim J.


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